BC Game Best Casino Welcome Bonus

As a leading bookmaker, BC Game wants you to have the best at all times. BC Game gives you the best experience in casino gaming with the help of a generous online casino bonus at the ready. Customers can get handsome perks to use in their casino games as soon as they signup on the site.

The site’s best casino welcome bonus is a huge help that you can get, especially if you are keen to rack up huge winnings. The more you know about the welcome bonus, the better you can enjoy your winnings here at BC Game.

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

A casino welcome bonus serves as a ‘thank you’ note from the sports and casino bookmaker sites, and it is also a way to entice players to bet more. There are a lot of promotional offers on a single site, and some are also time-sensitive, urging players to waste no time playing more.

There are also a lot of variations on the welcome casino bonus, which can be either free spins, free bets or even multipliers. It gives you a chance to increase your winnings more than you expect. These rewards also make your casino gaming experience even better.

What is a New Player Bonus?

This online casino sign up bonus is given to all new players on the site, and you can be sure that it will help you well in your casino endeavours. It allows you to get extra winnings to enjoy a better gaming experience with the use of the signup bonus casino available on the site.

The new player bonus is a casino sign up offer you should not pass up. You can use all of the registration bonus casino offers you can get for many winning chances in playing here at BC Game.

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

Deposit bonuses, on the other hand, are a great way to enjoy placing wagers as soon as you make your first transaction on the site. The first deposit bonus or FTD bonus is given after the deposit is made. Like the online casino welcome offer, you can use this to spice up your casino gaming experience and win huge prizes.

The online casino welcome bonus you can get is generous enough to help you enjoy a fun and exciting experience. You should consider using the first deposit bonus and get the best wins in your wagers.

Here are the two types of first deposit bonus:

  • Match deposit bonus – A match deposit bonus is given when the online casino gives you a bonus depending on a fixed percentage of your deposit. For example, making a $100 deposit with a casino bonus of 300% means you will get a total of $300 to start your casino gaming sessions on the site.
  • Sticky bonus – A sticky bonus is one of the best ways an online casino can encourage you to place bets in the games you love the most. It serves as bonus money given to you as you sign up, but you only get the actual winnings from it. It lets you play a game before making a deposit, but you will only be allowed to withdraw your winnings as soon as you meet the requirements.

How Do Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Work?

For those who ask, ‘what is a casino welcome bonus?’, it serves as a way for bettors to enjoy their online casino experience. These bonuses give you an edge on your casino gaming experience, which makes it even better for you to come up with more winnings in the long run. Use the online casino registration bonus to get more winnings in each game you play.

You need to learn how welcome bonuses work to get the best chances of winning in your casino games. It is important to consider how it can work for you and give you a lot of handsome prizes at the end of the day.

Here’s how you can get the welcome bonus at BC Game:

  1. Register on the website and create an account.
  2. Fill in the needed information (name, e-mail address, password and referral code).
  3. As soon as you sign up with BC Game, you will receive the bonus and the deposit as soon as you make a deposit.
  4. Make sure you complete all the requirements on the site to be eligible for the bonuses.
  5. Read all the terms and conditions before you get started on your wagers.

BC Game Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

BC Game offers a lot of handsome bonuses that you can enjoy. As a leading online casino bookmaker, BC Game brings a promising experience for new members on the site as soon as they complete the registration process. It is why you can be sure that you can come up with many casino rewards as soon as you make a deposit.

Here at BC Game, we bring you the best experience that no other casino offers. Get a better casino gaming session by playing the games you love the most while earning huge prizes off the following welcome deposit bonuses:


Bonus Details

1st deposit with up to 180% bonus

Players can receive a minimum bonus of 80% and a maximum of 180%. 

  • If you deposit around $30 – $80, you will be able to receive an 80% bonus. 
  • For a deposit between $80 to $400, a 100% bonus will be given. 
  • Any deposit at $400 and above will give you a 180% bonus.

2nd deposit with up to 200% bonus

With your second deposit you can receive a minimum bonus of 100% and a maximum bonus of 200%.

  • If you deposit around $60 – $120, you will be able to receive a 100% bonus. 
  • For a deposit between $120 to $600, a 150% bonus will be given. 
  • Any deposit at $600 and above will give you a 200% bonus.

3rd deposit bonus with up to 220% bonus

With your third deposit you can receive a minimum bonus of 100% and a maximum bonus of 220%.

  • If you deposit an amount of $120 – $300, you will be able to receive a 100% bonus. 
  • For a deposit between $300 to $1500, a 150% bonus will be given. 
  • Any deposit at $1500 and above will give you a 220% bonus.

4th deposit bonus with up to 240% bonus

With your fourth deposit you can receive a minimum bonus of 100% and a maximum bonus of 240%.

  • If you deposit around $150 – $400, you will be able to receive a 100% bonus. 
  • For a deposit between $400 to $3000, a 150% bonus will be given. 
  • Any deposit at $3000 and above will give you a 240% bonus.

How Will You Receive Your Welcome Deposit Bonus?

As soon as you deposit any of the said valid amounts in the table, you will receive the deposit bonus in BC Dollar (BCD). You can claim the BCD by wagering on the games when you unlock it.

Remember that it is equivalent to 1 Tether (USDT), which means you will be rewarded well if you come up with the awesome welcome deposit bonus that will give you a chance to win more prizes.

How to Use BC Game Casino Welcome Bonus

As soon as the BC Game bonus is up and running on your account, the next step is to read the T&C and ensure you have met the requirements to qualify. Knowing how to use the welcome bonus before playing your favourite casino games is important.

When the BCD is activated, you will have access to your bonus at the ready. Log into your account and start playing casino games here at BC Game. You can also try the game’s free-play mode to ensure you can get the gist of the mechanics before playing for real money.

Benefits of Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus here at BC Game is one of the generous offers you can enjoy on the site, and you can use them to boost your winnings or extra funds to get huge prizes. This incentive is the key to a whole new casino experience you would use.

Here are some of the benefits of a casino welcome bonus:

  1. Head start in casino gaming – a bonus gives you the chance to come up with the perks of being able to make more bets aside from your set budget, to begin with. It’s a way to have the best chances of winning in each game you play on the site.
  2. More chances of winning early on – as said before, the bonus will allow you to play many games in a snap. You can use various bonuses on specific games, which means not all of them can be used at once, but it can be a way for you to enjoy a game where the bonus is applicable. 
  3. Saves more money for bettors – bonuses are extra bets you can enjoy in casino gaming. From free spins, bets and hands, you can use all of them first before actually going through your bankroll. It helps you budget your money and prevents you from betting on a single game.
  4. It helps players enjoy more casino games – certain bonuses are linked to games you may have never played. It means you can get each of them to work on various titles such as slots and roulette for free spins, live dealer games for free hands and many others.

Enjoy the best of casino gaming at BC Game with the welcome bonus

BC Game brings the best experience you can enjoy in every game you play at the site. Players can try and enjoy playing various casino games here at BC Game, such as table games, slots, live casino titles and many others. Get the best wins in casino gaming like no other, only here at BC Game.

Frequently asked questions about BC Game's welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most reliable perks you can enjoy in BC Game. What makes it great is that you can have a smooth casino gaming session like no other. These are some of the common queries that we have compiled to keep you focused on your gaming experience:

Casino bonus codes are given to new players as soon as they register on the site. You can get some of these codes aside from the shitcodes available. It is a reliable offer you can get started with, giving you the best options available for a fun betting experience.

The wagering requirements are set for the first four deposits you make on the site, and this makes you eligible for the said welcome bonus and will give you a chance for a better win like no other. You will get the bonuses straight into your account as soon as you meet the requirements.

Welcome bonuses have various requirements to put players into action in casino games. You should always consider playing your favourite titles on the site to get started in the BCD Unlock and use the bonuses available here at BC Game.

Any player with their BCD activated can claim the casino bonus on the site. Players can also use many other bonuses on the site for a much better betting experience. There are also VIP exclusive bonuses that you can try.